Jerry Ewing, Editor PROG Magazine

“It’s always a pleasure to deal with Lulu or any of the bands she represents. Dealing with someone as committed, able and professional as she is makes it feel like half the job is done before you’ve even begun. Little wonder she’s proving such a success.”

Matt Mills- Freelance (National Student, Far Beyond Written, Prog, Hammer)

“Working with Incendia is always a joy. Their roster is exceptional, but more importantly they are constantly professional and always very clearly passionate about the services they provide. As far as independent PR’s go, they’re one of my favourites.”


Eden- Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Incendia Music is one of the most passionate and creative PR firms out there. They really love the bands they work with and it shows; getting through to us journalists can be a chore, but over the recent years none have been quite as good at that as Lulu Davis and Incendia. Couple that passion and drive with professionalism and accuracy and you have everything you need in a winning formula!”

Chris Hillman- White Star Records

“I’ve always struggled to find a good PR company that could achieve results as good as we could do ourselves. However with the great reactions to the new label that John Mitchell & I set up, we suddenly found that we were just too busy to do everything. A nice problem to have, but we needed help. One of the band members from one of our signings, Voices From The Fuselage, suggested Lulu and we decided to give her & Incendia a go. What a great move that was. I’ve been impressed with the professionalism, efficiency, enthusiasm, hard work, friendly attitude and, most importantly, the results that Lulu and Lydia have achieved. They become part of the team on a release which is the way it should be and I’m sure we will be working with them on some of our future releases too.”

George Vallee, Concrete Marketing

“I think that Lulu Davis is one of the most prominent up-and-coming managers in the scene right now. She has a tireless work ethic and an energetic and engaging personality that makes her a pleasure to associate with. Lulu encompasses everything of which is right in a manager and watch out, she is quickly going to rise to the top in the coming years.”

Daniel Tompkins, (TesseracT, Skyharbor, White Moth Black Butterfly)

“Lulu Davis is an enthusiastic and committed artist manager and publicist, who has done great work with a number of my projects. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, driven and ambitious representative within the music industry”